Balonne Internet Exchange


Vantage Broadband is an independent retail Internet services provider duly registered under the various Australian Telecommunications Acts and Telecommunications Consumer Protection Acts.

Vantage Broadband is delivering Internet connections on the NBNCo network and many private licenced carriers all over Australia.

Vantage Broadband will offer their services to Internet users in the Balonne area for the design, installation, connection and maintenance of home/office & business/farm networks together with one or more Internet connections.

Wall-to-wall Wi-Fi has become a must-have for larger homes and business. That is now possible with the so-called MESH protocol.

For larger businesses and farms multiple backhaul connections have become a de-facto standard to ensure an "allways on" availability. If you have ADSL or 4G or NBN Fixed Wireless or Satellite Internet you can now bundle it all together in a so-called multi-WAN router and enjoy the combined speed and capacity for your applications. And if one of these Internet connections fails, the others will take over the load. If you live out and about, that is the way to go.

Call Vantage Broadband on 5551 0117 with your details and book a free consultation session.

If you live somewhere in the Balonne area and could use a bit of help with your Internet system, register your interest to with your independent Retail Internet Services Provider Vantage Broadband.

Ring 5551 0117 with your address details for a full information kit or to book a time for a free phone consultation.

The town of St George already has NBNCo Fixed Wireless services and NBN FTTC (Fibre-To-The-Curb) services readily available. Call Vantage Broadband on 5551 0117 if you wish to connect.

Dirranbandi township has had their brand-new NBNCo Fixed Wireless service activated during June 2020. Get yourself connected with a plan for unlimited GigaBytes. Call us now for a free installation with Vantage Broadband. Check it here: Dirranbandi

Gone are the days of slow Internet

Get a superfast Internet connection from Vantage Broadband and never look back.

Get yourself a MESH WiFi router

For wall-to-wall WiFi coverage.

Vantage Broadband is looking for a part-time ICT technician or ICT hobbyist to help local customers with setting up Internet routers, MESH Wi-Fi networks, printers, laptops, touchpads and anything else connected to home networks, office networks or farm networks. If you have a nack for these things and are willing to help out people in your neighbourhood with all these new Internet things, call Vantage Broadband on 07 5551 0117 with your contact details. We'll want to talk to you about joining our team.